Our mission

Let’s Change the World Together!

Our Mentoring program involves face to face contact with our attendees.

people in the service

The program functions as a guide to the newly released. Provided is a roadmap to help them build a successful pathway that will assist them in their journey back into an unsecured environment.

They are provided with tools to help guide them into developing a structured “crime-free” lifestyle for themselves that will effectively sustain them on their journey back into the general public. The Mentoring and Supportive group meetings are held weekly on (Mondays & Fridays); offered during these times are Bible Study/Spiritual Care Sessions usage of our Computer lab for career searches, backpack distribution (contents include: personal care items, hygiene products, a Bible, writing utensils and county bus transportation). Additionally, our site houses a Food/Clothing bank that is made available to those in need; in addition to current general community advocate/resource information.

All of the above is provided with a goal of ensuring in the reduction of recidivism into a secure facility as the life challenges of freedom return to their midst.